Customer Referrals
​Lauren S. Best sale ever! Last spring, we saved over $600 after buying things for my son and our unexpected twin boys! Can't wait for the next sale! Highly recommended!

Danielle T. Best place to go for kid stuff! I outfitted my first son with everything from here! They literally SAVED me, I would have NEVER been able to provide clothes and other important items I needed for my son w/o them! I cannot wait until the next sale because I’m expecting baby boy number 2 and have NOTHING for this child. I tell all my friends who are expecting to go here. If you need ANYTHING for a kid, you can get it here and the best part is you can get SO MUCH for SO LITTLE!

Heather K. Best place to go!!! I buy all my daughter's clothes for the Spring& Summer!! You can't beat it. Everything is in great condition!!

Meghan A. Best stuff and great help!! Always a positive experience twice a year!!

Kristen H. I've been consigning with New2You Kids for the past couple of years and it's been an awesome way to recycle toys and clothing that my kids have outgrown while making money! I've also shopped at the sale and stocked up on great clothes for my kids. All the items being consigned are in great condition - I always get a bunch of great deals each time I shop!

January G. I have always had a fabulous experience both buying and selling at the consignment sales! Godsend for parents of multiples who need multiple toys etc....

Janet M. I am the mom of six children. The New2YouKids sale allows me to be the mom of six well dressed children. This sale is a great way to care for our environment, our finances and our children. I shop almost exclusively for our children at this sale it saves me time and money. I am so thankful for this sale and always tell other moms about it.

Marie K. I have been buying and selling at this sale for years and will continue to do so. The deals are amazing and i am able to dress (and spoil) my children all year round for a fraction of the cost. The best part is finding that one unique item at each sale that i tell everyone about... till the next sale.

Susan S. I've been shopping the sale since before my son was born - thanks to the new Mom presale! It's great not only for the incredible prices but for the amount and variety of merchandise. I get the majority of my son's clothes and toys at the sales. I also get his birthday and Christmas gifts in advance. I love that I can get it all done at once and buy things I could never afford otherwise.

Stephanie P. I count down the days for this sale! I have had 3 children in 3 years... the sale is a great way to "trade in" old items/clothes for new. I can't remember the last time I went shopping for clothes for my kids. Don't know what I'd do without the sale! 

Elizabeth C. I love this sale- my daughter has a wardrobe like a princess. I buy way more than we need because at the prices some of the best clothing is going for why not? My main goal is to break even, sell as much as I buy. Love the sale and love how easy it all is. From entering items, to dropping off, to buy great things, to receiving my consignment check at the end. Love it.

Diana Y. I've been to this sale twice now and I love it. It has everything you could possible think of. It's very organized. You get great deals. Why buy brand new things when you can get items in great condition for a great price. I would absolutely recommend this sale to a friend.

Danielle E. I have been shopping this sale for 3 years now and selling for two. I look forward to it every time because I know I'm going to find incredible deals and items I would never find anywhere else under one roof. I've purchased brand new Halloween costumes, countless Xmas dresses, snow suits and jackets, strollers, and LOTS of name brand clothing! As a seller, I always sell a majority of my items and love the excitement of checking in at night to see what sold. Everything is very easy for sellers, super organized and quick payments with opportunities to earn more money. I can't say enough about this awesome event!

Dena L. I shopped the sale for the first time in the fall. I couldn't believe what great bargains I found for my 4 girls, and the quality of the clothes. I recommend this sale to everyone I come across!

Marian N. Got a lot of great stuff at the Brookdale sale for cheap! Baby is in the winter buntings I picked up in the fall sale. So much baby gear available at less than half the cost. I can't wait to shop the sale in March at Brookdale. Shopping for a jogging stroller this time. Also will be a 1st time consignor.

Jennifer E. I was able to purchase things I could not otherwise afford for our child at the last sale. The women were extremely helpful and everything is so organized that you never have trouble finding the size or item you need.

Sheri C. I am able to clothe twin 2 year old girls each season for under $ 130. OMG how can you beat that? Saturday is my favorite day of the sale. Half price and tons of beautiful items left over from the week.

Amber S. I was able to buy all four of my children name brand winter clothes including clothes for about $120! I also got a couple pair of brand new shoes and 1 costume! This sale allowed me to get brands we normally don't!

Rosemary G. This is great for grandparents too. Purchasing clothes and equipment at money saving prices. Bring your shopping bags !

Holly R. We always make out great on toys and I am looking forward stocking up on lots of gear at this springs sale to prepare for 2 more additions!

Melissa F. Love shopping this sale! Always walk away with loads of fantastic name brand clothes at such a great price! Looking forward to the spring/summer sale coming up.

Karine R. I went to spring and fall sale. I waited for the event to shop for some toys, and baby stuff like swinger, play pack and few clothes. I got great deals and I tell all my friends that has kids about it. Everything that I got was on great condition. I'm very happy with the event. I can't wait for the next one .

Candice O. My first time going was your last sale. I was amazed at how many items - toys, clothes, books, swings, strollers, pack n plays, carriers etc were there. Everything was well organized and everyone there was super helpful. I spent a little but got a lot. I went the first day AND the last day of the sale. It was such a great experience I am taking off from work to go early March 19! And my husband actually WANTS to go with me. Since we lost a lot with Sandy your phenomenal prices will really help us getting toys and clothes for our now 7 month old daughter. So excited to go again!

Holly S. Got many nice looking clothes, some even with the tags still on. I look forward to going twice a year.

Andrea B. Excellent experience all around.

Margot K. Great experience! I got all my son's winter clothes, and his favorite toy in the whole house!

Melissa S. Best consignment sale in the tri-county area! I've been shopping, consigning & volunteering since 2008 & the variety, quantity & quality of items is fantastic!

Vivian D. Being a new grandma was easy thanks to NTYK I was able to fill our home with everything you need to spoil our darlings. I wish it was around 25 years ago. Thank you.

Elana E. Having the surprise baby 11 years after my last baby, I was thrilled to find this sale. I was able to get a whole bunch of clothes for winter and even a fleece snowsuit which has been a blessing this past week with the freezing cold weather! I'm looking forward to the spring sale and getting some summery clothes and some outside toys!

Jessica A. As a first time mom I attended last fall. I was blown away by how organized and well run this event was. The volunteers working were so helpful and I received great deals on quality items! I will be returning each season! Thank you NTYK!!

Lynette F. New2You has outfitted my child beautifully, and I have also been able to buy toys for my classroom, and for my child at home.

Sharon Z. I had an excellent first time consigning last year. I chose to work a volunteer shift to make a larger percentage, great option! I made almost exactly what I spent on new things for my daughter. It was like getting her a whole new wardrobe for free!

Ila W. I love this sale! I literally can buy a whole season's worth of clothes for my daughter and son AND still net $ from my own consignments! I take the day off from work and do some serious shopping! I get comments all the time how cute my kids are dressed

Shayne D. Thanks! love this sale! Gives me the chance twice a year to clean out my house and sell, sell, sell 
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