My name is Katryce and I am running the New 2 You Kids, LLC consignment sales.  I am a stay at home mom with 3 little girls.  I took on the challenge of putting together the first seasonal consignment sale to keep my mind "sharp." I also wanted to consign my things and buy some great "new2" me things for my children!  

When I started the sale, I was active with the local MOMS Club and had heard too many stories from lots of moms about the local consignment stores being so full that they wouldn't accept high quality clothes and toys.  I also knew that lots of moms wanted high quality clothing for their children, but didn't want to pay the high department store prices and couldn't always find what they were looking for in the small consignment stores. These types of consignment sales are big in the south, where I had lived, and I thought our community could really benefit from one.

Charity work is also an important part of the New2YouKids event.  I know that the donated items at the end of the sale and the money raised by our end of sale charity sale do a lot of good for many charities and children in need.

Many families benefit from huge consignment sales and I am glad to be able to bring them to this area of NJ that has not had the opportunity to experience them until now.

Although it has been a lot of work, I feel that these consignment sales will bring our communities together in a time where everyone can benefit from earning a lot, saving a lot and having some fun along the way.  

To contact us: or call 732-226-KIDS (5437).
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