Why should you consign with us?

With our sale, you can consign up to 300 items. You decide the price of your items, if your items are discounted, and if your unsold items are donated at the end of the sale or picked up by you.  YOU take 60-90% commission and your check is mailed to you 2 weeks from the last sale day.  

You don't have to worry about advertising, the weather, setup, take down, or wasting your time waiting for buyers.  We do it all.  You tag your items and bring them to the sale and we do the rest!  (We'll even pick up, price and tag your items for you if you sign up for our " You'll make 30% commission on your sold items.) 
Consignors make 60% of their sales.  If you would like to make up to 90% of your sales, then sign up to be a volunteer and / or Refer Your Friends.  You'll get an extra 5% for volunteering for a 4 hour shift or an extra 15% for volunteering for two, 4 hour shifts.  Get an extra 2% (up to 90%), for the current sale only, for every first time consignor you refer.  (New consignors must complete the registration process, consign items and drop items off at the sale on drop off days in order for you to receive the 2% increase. New consignors cannot be members of the same household. Husbands, wives and children cannot qualify as a referral.)  You get to shop the presale before we open our doors to the general public!  You also get to shop the half price sale before the general public!

You tag your own items, using our quick and easy online tagging system.  This online system allows you to see what items of yours have sold at the end of each sale day!  It is fun to login at night and see how much money you've made!  
To consign you need to register and get a consignor number.   
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