​Presale Pass

Want to shop the day before the public without having to volunteer or consign? Want to get dibs on the best deals before the public?

Purchase a presale pass for $20 and be able to shop on Monday night starting at 3 PM! Open to all! Pass is for you and one guest.
Presale - No children. No strollers. Babies can be worn in carriers. Children and strollers allowed Tuesday - Saturday.

To receive a Paid Presale Pass, click the button below. Your pass will be immediately emailed to you. Print your pass and pay $20 at the door. Limited number of passes. If you can't use your pass, please give it to someone else. The pass is good for two people.

What about New Mom Presale Passes? Friend us on Facebook and look out for weekly contests.

What about the new mom presale? 

We understand that shopping first is important to shoppers but the old presale created a combination of problems. 

-People were signing up to consign, not to sell items but to use the pass to shop early. This created a problem because we have a limited number of consignor spots and close registration when filled. Now, these people can purchase a presale pass without taking a consignor spot. The number of people doing this has been increasing every year.

-Many shoppers were upset that they weren't given the opportunity to shop early and missed out on good deals because they weren't considered a new mom.

-A bunch of "New Moms" weren't actually new moms. 

All of these things combined have been increasing over the years and we decided to put a new and fair presale pass system in place.  

When can new moms shop if they don't want to purchase a pass? The sale is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday and anyone is free to shop then. Strollers and children are welcome Tuesday - Saturday. 

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