Preparing & Tagging Your Items

Make sure everything is clean and working with no missing pieces, no stains nor rips. We will be checking the items as you bring them in.  Biz and Lestoil work great on most stains.

Step 1. Sign in using your consignor number and password.

You can add a few items each day or all of your items at once.  The online tagging system will save the information for when you are ready to print out and tag your items. 

Select the first option Work with my Consigned Items
Enter information for item.
Click Submit

Please select the correct category from the drop down menu.  This information is used to determine how many tables and clothing racks will be needed for the sale.

Please put the correct clothing size on the tag.  Do not enter a different size in the system to accommodate if that brand of clothing runs big or small.  For baby/toddler's clothing, please equate Small, Med, Large, X-Large sizes into an appropriate number size. 
Small, Med, Large, X-Large, XX-Large should only be used for teen clothing. 
Size Catergories: Preemie, Newborn, 0-12 months (should include 0-3;0-6;0-12 month sizes), 3 months, 3-6 months, 6 months (should include 6-12 months), 6-9 months, 9 months, 9-12 months, 12 months, 12-18 months, 18 months, 18-24 months, 24 months.

Brief Description:
Type out a very brief description of the item.  (pink dress) You may want to add the original price if you think that may help show the buyer how great of a deal they will be getting.

Minimum price for each item must be $2 to make it worth your time to prepare. Bunch items together if individually they can't be priced for $2 or more.  
Example: bag 4 books together or a small bag of baby bibs to set price at $2.

Friday and Saturday are the 50% off sale day.  Indicate, using the check box, if you would like to discount your item. If you choose to have your item discounted to 50% of the price, nothing will show over the price printed on the tag.  If you choose not to have your item reduced it will show "No Discount" over the price printed on the tag.  If you choose not to discount your items, they will still be available on Friday and Saturday for purchase at the original price assigned.

Unsold items may be donated at the end of the sale or returned to you. If you choose not to donate your items, all unsold items must be picked up by the pick up day and time stated in the consignor agreement or they will be donated.  

Example of a printed tag:

This tag prints 10 tags per page.  You can leave the white margins on when cutting your tags so that you only need to make one vertical cut.

Step 2. Print & Tag Your Items

These are some of the supplies you will need to tag your items:
  • Wire hangers for all clothing (even baby onesies) 
  • White or cream card stock paper (NO Textured paper and NO regular PAPER - it will rip easily)  - Card stock paper is available at Staples.
  • Safety pins from the dollar store (NO straight pins) 
  • Use clear packing tape only for attaching tags to toys and books
  • Large zip lock bags to secure small toy pieces or accessories
  • String or zip ties to attach together shoes or toys

Gather together all supplies, along with all of your items when you are ready to begin tagging.

Place all items of clothing on WIRE HANGERS with the hook facing so it looks like a
question mark. Put accessories in a Ziploc bag and pin them to the hanger. Hang clothing on the hanger. For pants and skirts, use two safety pins and put a pin in each end of the waist band then pin the article of clothing to the angled sides of the hanger.  If you put one pin on each angled side, the article of clothing will lie flat and not move around / fall off the hanger.  If you are making an outfit, you can use the same hanger to hang the top.  

Correct way to hang clothing:

​Incorrect way to hang pants shown below. If you pin the pants to the bottom wire, the pants move from side to side and ALWAYS end up on the floor.

You can purchase 100 wire hangers for $7 Natural Cleaners, 1163 Rte 35, Middletown, NJ 07748. (732) 957-0202. Also check Craigslist, Dollar General, or your other local dry cleaner.
Attach your tag to the size tag or size tag area of the piece of clothing with a safety pin or tagging gun. If you are using a tagging gun, make sure you put the gun through the size tag or an inside seam in the same place a size tag would be located.

Zip tie shoes together when possible then attach the tag to zip tie and stick tag just inside shoe. Tag should be visible, but not flapping around.  If you can't zip tie the shoes together, put them in a plastic bag, along with the tag and seal the bag.

Books, Open Puzzles
Attach the tag to the back using scotch tape. No packing tape on books or puzzles. If selling multiple books together, you can use ribbon and tie around pack of books like a present wrapped on on four sides and then knot it. put tag on with scotch tape.

Toys, Videos, Furniture
Attach the tag to the item using only clear packing tape or a zip tie if applicable. If a toy or item contains small pieces, please place all small pieces into a zip lock bag and use clear packing tape to tape the bag to the main part of the toy.  Please do not cover the barcode on the tag. DO NOT SEAL DVDs or CDs. All videos will be opened and inspected at check in. When taping your tag to your item or taping item closed, you must put tape where it will not damage the item. Do not put tape over the top of a puzzle, book, or toy will it can damage the item.

Do not put packing tape over the barcode on the tag.   Please tape over top third of tag. 

After you are finished tagging your items, sort the clothes by gender and size.  All clothing items must be sorted by gender then size to make drop off go quickly.

Quick Hints & Tips:
Sort all of your clothing by size and gender before you start entering information into the system.  The database keeps most of the information in the boxes after you enter an item so you'll only need to change a few boxes if you already have the gender and size filled in. 

If you have a lot of clothing that is the same size / gender and you want to price all of the items the same way, you can type in the information for a tag and type 25 in the quantity box.

When pricing your items, remember that you are competing with hundreds of other consignors and their prices.  Ask yourself what you would pay for your item.  
The consignors who make the most at EVERY sale are the ones who price their items a little lower but sell almost all of their items.  Think volume.

The maximum number of items that you are allowed to consign at one sale is 300.  Please pick your best 300 items. 

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